Kelly McCracken, LMHC, RPT-S Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Registered Play Therapist, Supervisor
(407) 754-5737
Our Services

Issues We Address...

We believe that the counseling relationship can provide a rich and unique setting to respectfully explore the challenges life brings. We strive to maintain a trusting and confidential relationship where issues can be addressed in a collaborative environment.
Issues addressed include: Depression Relationship Issues
  Anxiety and Worry Unhealthy Relationship Patterns
  Personal Growth Family Conflict
  Stress Management Anger
  Work Problems Separation and Divorce Issues

Children and Adolescents:
We believe children and adolescents are resilient and have the ability to cope with and overcome challenging obstacles. We believe that given the tools and opportunity to master and understand their experiences, they will thrive. We are trained play therapists and specialize in interacting with children and adolescents at their level, in a language they can understand, and in an environment that can create change.
Issues addressed include: Depression Separation and Divorce Issues
  Anxiety, Fears and Worry Grief and Loss
  Social Skills Family Conflict
  ADHD and Attentional Issues Anger
  Behavior Problems Coping Skills

Couple and Family Relationships:
We believe in the importance of personal relationships. We believe that relationships can improve, even in difficult times. Marriage and significant other relationships require nurturing and attention. Through the use of constructive communication skills, couples and families can increase and maintain their level of connectedness, caring, resolution of conflict, and relationship/family satisfaction. We believe in the strength of the family system and that often times concerns can best be addressed by involvement of part or the whole family.
Issues addressed include: Communication Skills Separation and Divorce Issues
  Conflict Resolution Grief and Loss
  Parenting Family Conflict
  Family Cohesion Boundaries and Limit Setting
  Sexual and Intimacy Issues